Now it is Colnago’s turn for some gentle criticism…For those who don’t know we are their official restorers, none-the-less we are a trusted opinion resource of carbon knowledge which we share with you. It has to be said that NO brand is without fault. In this instance the C60 is under the spotlight for a possible structural oversight. I am sure they can rectify this the next signature model. Please note this bike is not dangerous to ride.

The issue is the top tube fragility. Since they were released we have repaired many C60 almost entirely on the top tube area. This is a red flag and is most likely not a warrantable claim. I get the impression the designers did it to reduce weight or introduce sympathetic compliance, I don’t know. In my opinion they could do with 1 more layer to ensure that it does not crack so comparatively easily. No doubt this is a small remedial modification but caution to all C60 owners out there – Please do not engage your top tube for anything other than to clean it otherwise thrash it as hard as you can and enjoy another great bike from the Colnago stable albeit with some imperfection.