Now it is Colnago’s turn for some gentle criticism…For those who don’t know we are their official restorers, none-the-less we are a trusted opinion resource of carbon knowledge which we share with you. It has to be said that NO brand is without fault. In this instance the C60 is under the spotlight for a possible structural oversight. I am sure they can rectify this the next signature model. Please note this bike is not dangerous to ride.

The issue is the top tube fragility. Since they were released we have repaired many C60 almost entirely on the top tube area. This is a red flag and is most likely not a warrantable claim. I get the impression the designers did it to reduce weight or introduce sympathetic compliance, I don’t know. In my opinion they could do with 1 more layer to ensure that it does not crack so comparatively easily. No doubt this is a small remedial modification but caution to all C60 owners out there – Please do not engage your top tube for anything other than to clean it otherwise thrash it as hard as you can and enjoy another great bike from the Colnago stable albeit with some imperfection.


You are riding your new mountain bike. You smash the BB on a rock. It is a gonner. No warranty. You check to see what your insurance excess is on a new frame…you try us. We tell you it is repairable to as good as new and we warranty the repair (in this case). You get it back. You are so impressed you write and tell us. Thanks!

“Just wanted to say how impressed I was with the quality and finish of the repair you performed on my specialized enduro. I was gutted when I damaged the frame as I had only ridden it 3 times but you excellent service has cheered me up again. I will recommend you to my cycling buddies. Thanks Dave


Ex team Katusha Canyon CF Aerode downtube fracture repair and restoration. It’s getting slippery out there. Go easy…

MERCEDES F1 endorse CarbonBikeRepair


We recently came in for some criticism for a bike which was scratched when returned. We are not in the habit of passing blame. We will always rectify should there be any doubt who is responsible. However when all bikes come in they are shrink wrapped before being processed. When we post it back the seat height position and handlebar position is registered and we supply assembly instructions in the box along with some carbon paste in some cases.  We generally package the bike in 3 different layers: Layer 1 – Each tube is individually wrapped. Layer 2 – overall protective wrapping is applied. Layer 3 – Finally the box is filled with packing material and additional components are secured before sealing the box.

Make sure you sign for the box “DAMAGED” if you are unsure the bike was mishandled. Some couriers will simply not wait for you to check over the bike. If you don’t we can’t help if you have a claim.


As the winter season creeps in we are able to attend to more pressing inquiries sooner. Don’t wait until the season is about to start before you seek assistance. We are also able to take on a few more custom resprays at this time so get in touch before the waiting times increase. Remember we offer an express service for those who need a quick turn around.


Yes I know the P5 is UCI compliant and therefore less futuristic however, just admire the design considerations in the new P5x! It reminds me of the Zipp bike which is still pretty handy I am told but this one has to be pound-for-pound the quickest manufactured bicycle out there right now. Let me know otherwise!

I am surprised however by the weight..I would have thought it slightly lighter but I imagine the inertia counts for a lot on flat terrain, still nice to see one here for repair and restoration.


As a repair service we have to validate what we do if we are to have any credibility, we therefore warranty more areas of the bike then the manufacturer typically would. That said there are still components on the bike we would be foolish to warranty, namely locations that require clamping or assembling. Remember to ask what sort of warranty applies to your specific repair. 


You can imagine our Slovakian team members getting excited to finally have Peter Sagan’s Specialized Tarmac in for custom work. We try not to show any favouritism!



Our warranty policy is clear but requires some clarification on the term ‘Normal riding.’ It was a damage limitation phrase derived by the powers-that-be in the legal departments regarding appropriate usage. Mountain bikes, in particular, fall foul to this when it comes to warranty claims. We know this because on occasion we have repaired BB’s which have collapsed only to get them back a week later. We then find out (via the grapevine) the the owner likes jumping off cliffs and the frame takes an ‘abnormal’ impact. ‘Normal riding’ would be trails and dirt roads or downhill courses but not stunt work. This is tricky to police so where do you stand when your bike breaks? It is really simple if your warranty is denied: Tell us that you are a cliff jumper and that it failed while you were jumping out of a plane over Blyde River Canyon. It is ok really! We will be sure to ‘beef up’ the repair so it can handle future knocks of this kind. I joke but you get the idea. You should never have to hide what you choose to do on your mountain bike. We will shore up any deficiencies there many be within reason, to ensure we don’t see you again. However don’t be surprised that an owner lifetime warranty is limited to certain repairs so do ask when you make enquiries. Happy riding.