We make sure, as with all our bike shops, Sigma Sport are always satisfied with our service:

‘Hi guys,

The frame arrived today and, as usual, the finish is excellent. Just wanted to say a massive thank you for getting this turned around so quickly.

It is very much appreciated.’


The BSI Assurance Mark is for organisations whose management systems have met or exceeded the requirements of the BSI standard or scheme. CBR is committed to the highest safety standards, customer service and workmanship. Merry Xmas and hopefully we don’t see you in 2018!

CBR UK team


Sorry for the delay in putting up a new post. I hope you are enjoying the new website at least. I hope all prospectors will feel confident that their bike is in good hands. After all the cycling community created us!

We are now looking forward to delivering improved lead times without compromising on safety and quality of finish. Our team is expanding to meet the increased demand we face every year so hopefully you will not be too inconvenienced while your bike is restored to your requirements. Keep an eye on the blog. We have some very exciting new tech coming and some news on a CBR near you!
Of course we are aware you only ever want to see us riding.


Take your favourite bike, bring it in for a top tube fracture repair – come away with an inspiring personalised bike that is an extension of you.
Our client liked to introduce a hummingbird concept to her bike. After some ‘mood boarding’ we sprayed the wonderful bird colours as an effect juxtaposed with a flat gold ‘tattoo’ graphic of the bird near the head tube.
The challenge to avoid a potentially embarrassing concept has been met with great joy. The net result is not wanting to ride the bike for fear of scratching it. Summer here she comes!


One of our oldest trade customers Simon Baxter from Cadenza Cycles in North Yorkshire drove down to sort out this rather precious Ferrari badged Colnago C60 on behalf of his client. Respect!
Being a particular client, understandably Simon chose to make the journey to CBR to ensure the best possible result.
The top tube was cracked and the fine detail of white and silver had to be reinstated. That was the easy part. Replacing the carbon uni-weave section to hide the repair was a bit harder. All good and complete within 2 weeks.
Come and get it Si!


At the close of 2016 I had time to reflect on some of the more challenging ‘repairs’ we undertake on dropouts and to highlight some of the myths surrounding why, in most cases, it is not possible to repair long term without an industrial solution.
Here is why – Carbon Fibre drop-outs are injection moulded components unlike the rest of the bike. This material is super dense. It is designed not to flex or break under skewer pressure. This cannot be replicated by laminate fabrication we see so much of in failed repairs.

Another example was recently brought into CBR to re-repair correctly. Image 2 (close up) shows a botched repair with a metal insert which should never be found in carbon dropouts! You will also note the poor alignment, which, under skewer pressure will change shape and gear indexing will be out.

Image 4 is the correct method. Do not be tempted by a cost saving solution for this issue. We only replace with the original carbon parts.


Do not be tempted to clamp it (or any other carbon frame) on the top tube. The F8 is an undeniably successful race bike but mind how you go. As with any hi-end race machine they need to be treated with great care. That is part of the enjoyment of owning an expensive Pinarello but  remembering it is frail for good reason. To win races.


We are a bike hospital. All our bikes are treated in a dirt free state-of-the-art facility based in Leatherhead Surrey. If you want your bike repaired, restored and serviced correctly then trust the world’s leading bike restoration specialists. Some fly in to see us like Kimberly Renee Shah, TEAM USA. You don’t have to be a pro just drop us an email or call the help desk.
Safe winter riding!


One of the more serious fractures to inflict on a bike. This repair required moulds to ensure bearing seat profiles were 100% accurate to Trek tolerances ensuring, apart from failing, that you dont have any creek often associated with the BB bearings…Those who hate noise know what I am talking about..


Here are a few notable repairs completed this week: Cannondale Synapse chainstay keeping us honest! A beloved BMC with a ridiculously complex top tube repair and restoration and finally another Venge send in by the guys at McLaren after they inspected and found 2 top tube fractures under the logo.

McLaren customer feedback: ‘Guys Just want to say thank you for a fantastic job
….you’ve brought my prize possession back from a near death experience
and she looks just as fabulous as when I first got her!!!!Rest assured I will do my very best to recommend your work whenever appropriate and probably when not …too !!!:-)Thank you once again’