At last we get to see the new F12, and what a beauty it is too! Super light and stiff. The distributers in the Uk have asked us to review some cosmetic damage which we can gladly help them with. The new Pinarrello UK are a fantastic team and their service is spot on from our experience. Chase them up for a demo of this beast. Honestly its another step up.


It’s that time again, rushing about trying to finish off the year as Christmas rapidly approaches. It’s been a record breaker for us so thank you to all who came to us looking for a solution whether you are a private customer or a trade partner. We look forward to another big year in carbon repair and restoration.

Merry Christmas to all!


For those cycle enthusiasts who follow Global Cycling Network are in for a surprise. GCN take you on a rare visit into the workings of our facility as we share useful advice on carbon repair and restoration hosted by Oliver Bridgewood. Look out for the video 2 weeks on Sunday featured on GCN Tech.


Now open! Please pop over to for a browse through our online store of 2nd hand used components. We literally carry every brand. Some components are in new condition others are marked and some are sold for spare parts. We stock hard-to-find parts from expensive wheels to 1 shifter on sale out of a set of eTaps. All carbon frames are inspected or repaired with warranties so you have peace of mind when buying from CycleRecycle.

If you are looking for something which is not online please send an email to and we can look for you. Happy shopping!



To have your bike returned from Carbon Bike Repair is to expect to forget anything ever occurred in the first place. Was it just a bad dream that I opened my travel bag to find the chain stay snapped on my beautiful Willier Cento1…Oh yes I forgot!


Very. The quality and safety of a composite repair is reflected in the standard of the facilty and the engineers. Safe and complient carbon repairs require resources and training. It takes 2 years for a repairer at CBR to achieve 2 of the 3 qualification levels available at Carbon Bike Repair. The repair ‘theater’ is sealed and depressurised to prevent contamination during the repair cycle. The repair process passes through 3 QC stages before it is released to the restoration departement.  Carbon bikes can be repaired safely if there is a standard by which to measure repairs.



Like all things new in the bike world, graphene is the shiny new toy. Everyone is talking about it but is graphene really necessary? I would venture to say no. To clarify – We repair any composite construct and we have a keen interest in graphene as we learn new repair solutions.

Yes, it is a wonderful material and yes it can conduct electricity (so does carbon by the way).  Lightness and stiffness might be another motivation and repair is most likely possible but why am I not as enthused by graphene as I should be?

Carbon has taken bikes to the limit where any further weight shedding may not be in the best interests of all riders. Let me explain – Cycling terrain generally undulates creating benefits and drawbacks depending on the rider and the bike. Inertia is also a benefit so light is not always the ONLY goal.

Carbon bikes are already safely at the tipping point of weight versus stiffness. By loosing several more grams on the frame and adding more stiffness by using graphene will work well in certain circumstances but is only one element in one bikes advantage over another. Carbon is fit for purpose as GRP, Glass-reinforced plastic is for high performance boats.

Graphene is still too expensive and challenging to process. Stocks in graphene, according to Nanalyze, is not yet an invetment opportunity and as a result the prices will not drop anytime soon. However we see an increase in the use of graphene oxide powder which is used to strengthen resin. I would be intrigued to understand how robust a full graphene bike will be to surface impacts and how abrasive resistant it will be in the future. This is where Carbon is not great.

I will let this one play out.



We make sure, as with all our bike shops, Sigma Sport are always satisfied with our service:

‘Hi guys,

The frame arrived today and, as usual, the finish is excellent. Just wanted to say a massive thank you for getting this turned around so quickly.

It is very much appreciated.’


The BSI Assurance Mark is for organisations whose management systems have met or exceeded the requirements of the BSI standard or scheme. CBR is committed to the highest safety standards, customer service and workmanship. Merry Xmas and hopefully we don’t see you in 2018!

CBR UK team


Sorry for the delay in putting up a new post. I hope you are enjoying the new website at least. I hope all prospectors will feel confident that their bike is in good hands. After all the cycling community created us!

We are now looking forward to delivering improved lead times without compromising on safety and quality of finish. Our team is expanding to meet the increased demand we face every year so hopefully you will not be too inconvenienced while your bike is restored to your requirements. Keep an eye on the blog. We have some very exciting new tech coming and some news on a CBR near you!
Of course we are aware you only ever want to see us riding.