During the course of a typical inspection the frame will undergo a stress test to reveal any hidden defects. In some cases where internal delamination occurs, where it is not obvious, the stress testing should reveal the problem. A full report is delivered which will indicate any issues and advisories for the client to process.


If you are unsure what to do in the event of an incident, here are some options available to you.
 If it is a carbon bike:

1 – Do not ask your local bike shop to assess it unless they are approved carbon bike inspectors. They will not usually take a risk and could advise unnecessary replacement.

2 – If you make a claim, ask the insurer to notify CompleteBikeRecovery to collect, inspect and report on the bike.

3 – You are welcome to contact us directly should you choose not to claim. Just send us an email with in-focus images and a description of the issue.

4 – We inspect carbon and the groupset at the same time. This usually takes 2 days.

5 – The submitted report covers : 1 – The cost of repair (if we are able to warranty) + cosmetic restoration. 2 – A new-for-old complete bike replacement option. 3 – Salvage value.

6 – We are able to inspect alloy frames too.