A customer from Greece asked us to save his marriage after he drove the bike into an overhead barrier, some of you might know that feeling!

Anyway, pictures paint a thousand words.  Not only have we saved his marriage but provided him with a lifetime warranty to ensure he has a long and happy life!

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Consider this – If you damaged your car door, and you have to repair it, who is best skilled to do the job?

The manufacturer uses machinery, materials and automation processes to construct an entire component, however the repairer is skilled to remove damage and restore utilising totally different tools and skills for the job.

In carbon it is much the same, bikes are manufactured using a variety of machinery to mould semi-complete components which require assembly as well as inspect for manufacture anomalies. The repairer is equiped to identify fracture anomalies, largely not experienced by the manufacturer. The repairer utilises a variety of diagnostics and localised repair processes, again, uncommon to the manufacturer.

The two skill sets are unrelated and should not be confused with each other.


Hi There,

Apologies for the delay in giving any feedback on my repair but I have had a well deserved holiday :0)
I took it for a good workout last night.
I can report that the repair stood up well to the test and I very happy with the finished product.
I would like to thank your team for a professional service from communication through to the finished product and I would not hesitate to recommend you guys to anyone looking to get a bike repaired.

Thanks again.

Best Regards
Martin C****


To be able to colour match as many bikes as we do to near 100%, we have to have a relationship with the paint manufacturer who can personally engage with our teams to make sure our processes align with their relationships with the brands. The tools and the processes we have invested in allow us to deliver near perfect finishes every time.

However we often have to match bikes which have been exposed to UV over time which will change the colour. We use a scanning and recording process to register the variations and store these colours in a large physical and data library which we refer to.

We have thousands of brand model colours in various states of exposure which require the same high quality finishes which we are known for!

Please contact Carbon Bike Repair if you would like to explore a colour change or a restoration of your bike. Happy summer riding!


Ask any paint shop to restore a chrome finish to seamless result and they might say ‘Sorry we have to respray the entire bike’ but nooooo not here.

Carbon Bike Repair resprayers have pride in there work coupled with 2 years of training to qualify just to attempt a supervised restoration! It is no wonder your bike looks as complete and unaffected as it was before it came to us. A Google review search will tell you how well we have done so far. We have no intention of getting complacent either!


‘Please can you replicate the Peter Sagan Specialized range for our customer?’ – 2 weeks later……

There was a rumour going around that we have stopped custom respays all together. NO WE HAVE NOT!

As with all busy seasons we have deferred work in the past but we are taking on more custom projects then ever before. THERE ARE NO LIMITS TO WHAT WE CAN DO.


Manufacturers often send new frames to us for restoration due to transport and handling damage. It is not economically viable to send it back to the factory. Instead they send them to us.

In this case Orro bikes sent a bike where the matt finish on this frame was damaged, possibly when pulled out of the box. We restored the matt to its original state. We do not attempt to ‘improve’ the original finish of the masking but bring it back to factory finish.



We often get asked what the difference is. The picture tells all!

Metallic paint contains an additive of metallic flakes in the paint. This produces the coloured shimmer we all see on metallic painted cars.

Candy is totally different. The effect is a more ‘3D’ see-through look. It is a more vibrant colour which changes at different angles. The process of application is more complex too. The under coat is usually a shiny metallic silver of gold colour. The topcoat of this a tranlucent colour, in this example red, which is applied over the top allowing the base colour to ‘pop’ through.

When you ask for metallic or candy finish please provide your sprayer with a sample of what you want. Pictures are hard to analyse. The outcome can be very different!


Challenges continue as bike design become more and more complex. Post repair graphics on this bike, for example, are created as high print quality waterslide images. Regardless we able to continue to grow with developments.



Have I got your attention now 😉

Masking tape, electrical tape, sticky tape, basically any form of high tack adhesive tape can pull the top coat off your paint work very easily.

If you are packing your bike to send us or if you are travelling please only use cable ties or Velcro to hold components together. We cannot be responsible for lacquer coming off. Hope this helps. Spread the news and happy summer riding!