My brother in law is in need of a new seat for a big ride we are doing in Africa in May. I wanted to build him a carbon seat so I designed a prototype that I have not seen on the market yet. Not only is it light but its super flexible for carbon. I have introduced a ‘suspension’ tongue to control movement. This design enables me to modify the flex after it is built for the rider.


Another victim to remind us that car doors opening into the road can be a real hazard to any cyclist. This 2012 Wilier XP suffered a frame fracture and shifter damage. A fairly simple repair in 4 x 300 Uni layup. Nice and thin but strong. You can see the tape covering the decal to ensure no accidents happen. I safely got away with it this time. I varnished and did not cover the repair as the rest of the frame is clear coat + Carbon repairs are cool!


A common problem with carbon is over-tightening. Here I am rebuilding a deep crack. Its important to ensure all layers are exposed to build a strong repair.

This Fi’z’ik seat got the MTB treatment and cracked in 3 stress areas. Again you can see how brutal I get in clearing damaged areas for structural repairs that could cause direct injury. I don’t always take these on for legal reasons.

They are now successfully back in the field were they belong and so far no returns!