What you see is the completed repair only. The seat tube had snapped clean off the top tube and disintegrated. A new seat tube section had to be re-fabricated into the top tube. I needn’t tell you about the stresses this area of the frame must endure both from the rider and the seatpost clamp. Happy to say it is back on the road albeit a modified TCT Trek.


First of the custom jobs to emerge from the new CBR workshop. The frame was in bad shape before we restored and custom sprayed it. New matt black surface with embossed decal and lacquer. One of a kind. Thanks Andrew for your patience as we settled into the new place.


We are coming to the end of the repair phase. All the fractured components are now structurally repaired and shaped. This includes the forks and the tri-bars. Normally we avoid repairing these but the distortion values on the forks are similar to the new forks we bought just in case. Those will go back on ebay πŸ™‚

The final image shows the creation of the Cervelo 2012 decals. We re-create these in-house. Bespoke graphic artworks and a decal laser cutting service allow us to re-create rare brands accurately and in the correct colours!

Now we have to remove all the lacquer and paint to prepare the surface for the respray.


The Cervelo P3 repair project is truly underway. With multi-fracture repairs such as this, it is important to initially glue the whole bike back together in an alignment jig. Once cured we are able to work on each side separately. We grind out the β€˜disease’ leaving only a micro layer behind to help with the form. In these pics we have now applied only a base layer of carbon onto which the multi-layers will go. For improved structural strength we use an in/out compression system to hold the structure in shape while the compression is applied. Bagging simply deforms fragile parts but this system we designed keeps it’s shape under pressure. Pressure is what is needed!

Both sides are ready for the build up and profiling. In the meantime we have also begun to repair the TT bars which both snapped off and the forks which had 15 fractures. So far the forks comply with the deformation resistance and we haven’t finished laying up all the carbon yet!
I am pleased so far but a way to go before we start spraying the new livery.


Due to the numerous post Alpine wheel repairs we undertake here at CBR I thought I would offer a quick bit of advice for those looking for better and safe braking solutions without wearing out your new carbon wheels.

Good braking = heat. Period

Heat effects carbon whatever carbon wheel you own. My suggestion is to use cork brake pads with a dominant composite cork polymer. One’s with any colour other then cork brown I avoid. No names mentioned here.

With cork you don’t brake as instantly nor do you stop fantastically well in the rain but they will wear quickly instead of your brake tracks. You can buy a dozen on your next big ride. You’ll be pleased you did…. πŸ™‚

Carbon Bike Reviews

Dear Rob,
Tonight the wheelset has arrived safe and sound in Hungary.
You repair work is excellent, on the front wheel not even a single clue of the repair can be seen so I am really satisfied with the job you have provided. Thank you very much for all.
Best regards,
Just received the Frame Rob. Wow, what an amazing job you’ve made.
I’ll be sure to recommend you.
Have a great Christmas.
Bike is great , did 20 miles on her every day this week on the repaired dropout – thank you for keeping her β€˜alive’ ! Cervelo S5
Just a quickie to say thanks for repairing my Vitus the other week.
Still holding up after a few hundred miles!!
Just a quick word of thanks.Β  Head tube looks much better now.
Very nice job.