Hear ye Hear ye! If you have a carbon frame with an integrated drop out that is bent and the thread is stripped. Don’t think that you need to cast the frame aside or have a major part of the frame cut out and replaced. Have a look at this! The drop out on this Cervelo P3 was distorted out of proportion. The first pic shows it straightened out but clearly no mech will hang in that stripped hole. The last picture shows our neat and quick replacement insert still solid after the hanger was aligned. I am soooo pleased we can help get some of these frames back up and riding again! I really enjoy my job 🙂


I haven’t ranted for sometime but for heaven sake what is with non-replaceable drop outs? I simply don’t understand why a component so important on a frame could anyone conceive, let alone approve this design. Weight saving can’t honestly be justified even for the most hardened of cyclists. What other reason could there be?

I can’t begin to tell you how many of these problems come in to us on a weekly basis. We are working on a sustainable solution but for the love of return customers…get onto it and sort it out!


A pretty bad break in the middle of the seat post. This fracture was caused by the seat post breaking through the seat tube during an impact. It is a dangerous repair if not executed correctly.

This is a typical non-warranty claim so the owner had no choice but to try to save his beloved frame. He wanted a full restore. He got his bike back 🙂