We repair carbon bikes but we also provide a restore service for repaired bikes.
You don’t just get your bike repaired, you wouldn’t know where the damage occurred!
CBR is the go-to-restore centre for all out-of-warranty repairs and restoration. YOU have a choice on cost.


We have seen enough of chainstay/bb breaks on C50′s to write a novel. It can be repaired so please share this article with your bike shop, mechanic or distraught friend – The C50 is vulnerable in the BB/ Chainstay area. There is significant lateral swing because of the thin design. Lateral swing is not all bad as some think… There are other benefits and why so many cyclist swear by this bike. The downside is sometimes the lugs are more susceptible to snapping either in crashes , side swipes or through baggage handling.

This repair is not something which should be attempted at home, re-forming injection molded lugs is the only way to stop this from being a wall hanging.

Happy summer riding!


Hopefully what I explain here makes logical sense. It is not rocket science but can sometimes masquerade as such.
Bikes have different parts that are required to be either flexible or stiff. Carbon designers have the ability to apply different types of carbon and layup methods to support such requirements, in fact you can pretty much get the bike to behave as you want…if you, the designer, know what what are doing.
It is not enough to say high modulus carbon is better then low modulus for bike building. It is like saying an entire car needs to be made of chassis steel because it is so hard..What job do you want it to do?

High modulus carbon is structurally strong for the BB and drops outs for example which is brittle and not very flexible. Imagine making a seat tube out of that! No thanks. You can’t have it both ways

We repair all our customers bikes according to the specification requirements. So to sum it up virtually all PAN (basically carbon used in bike building and repair) is good for some part of a bike. Ok?


This repair we take on with caution. A head tube impact causes a lot of damage to the frame and possibly the forks. You can see where the forks have cantilevered the head tube into the downtube and ripped out the bearing cups. The forks need replacement at best, at worse a full deep scan inspection to the steerer in particular.

After comprehensive stress testing this frame has been successfully repaired in probably less time then a replacement frame…that is if you can still get one in the colour you like! Viva repair!