‘Thanks guys, Absolutely amazing job. Would never have believed it..’ Paul N.

– Sheared seat tube repair

– Restored the black areas, decal and stencil sprayed in the silver ‘65.1′ logo

– Guaranteed for repair and paint. Cost – approx 6 times less then a replacement frame that matches your preference…


After a thorough vetting process CBR is now an accredited re-spray service for Trek bikes. Why? – Trek can service their customers more efficiently using a certified supplier in the region.

We are not exclusive to Trek. We supply a similar confidential service to other large manufacturers within this region of UK/ EU.

Out-of -warranty customers who choose to repair rather then replace can be referred with confidence.


You would expect me to say no! but there are some cyclists who are quite capable of repairing a broken carbon section. There are a few points however that need to be considered:

– Industrial carbon epoxy is designed to work with carbon of which there are many variations.

– Knowing what is repairable and what not to try

– Layup thickness, if incorrect, can cause stresses on other parts of the frame

– Aesthetics

Think of it like repairing a wing on your aeroplane…you can hurt yourself so be careful and think before you try.

GUARANTEE? Def: ‘promise with certainty’

All too often here at CBR we are reminded of the serious nature of cycling. It can be a dangerous sport and our role is to make sure that we don’t release unsafe repairs. It only takes one incident as a direct result of a bad repair to remind the carbon repair industry of the risks if repairs are not correctly processed. How is this possible to avoid?

Bespoke stress test equipment is the only way to ensure the repair can withstand the rigours of it’s intended purpose. I can’t see why you would pay for a repair that can’t be confirmed. A ‘guarantee’ has to mean something when you ride your bike down Alpe d’Huez, not – ‘…if it breaks again we will guarantee to repair again!’

I AM TALKING! a bike club evening in Dorking for the DCC on the Tuesday 13th October for those who what to ask questions, offer an opinion on the state of carbon bikes, their gripes and praises for the material and any tips and tricks questions relating to carbon. Venue: 7:30pm, Free. Burgundy & Black, within St Martins Walk shopping arcade, Dorking