Good quality restoration of bicycles requires experience, brand knowledge and attention to detail. There are no short cuts. Don’t confuse custom bikes resprays with restoration. With restoration you are up against what is on the bike already so there is nowhere to hide.

Each manufacturer utilises different paints and processes to finish a bike. The restorer needs to be familiar with these processes. For example – Different light conditions highlight differences and UV exposure can alter the substrates or lacquers often within weeks of the restore.

We started restoring bikes as part of the carbon repair service about 4 years ago. We now have a data base of over 50 bike brands and multiple models within these brands dating back to the 1980’s.

To achieve this requires substantial investment and support from our manufacturer partners. As a result CarbonBikeRepair is moving again in 2016 to our new facility in Salfords in Surrey which will accommodate the increased volumes and shorten lead times further.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year for 2016!


We get asked on a daily basis whether this type of repair is possible. Sometimes we forget to address the most simple inquiries so here is a ‘before and after’ example sent by a customer:
’ Good afternoon. I must say that the repair to the tcr frame is outstanding!  Thanks for returning my stead to it’s former glory.  Kind regards Jon.


I don’t know about you but I like riding my favorite bike whatever the weather.

There is a lot of misinformation regarding winter damage to carbon frames. Whether it is winter or summer you still need to keep your bike clean. If you leave ingress on the bike after a wet ride then that can eventually cause problems. It is not only specific to winter.

Granted grit is only used in the cold months but as long as you are sweating over your frame on the turbo you are doing the same as you would on a winter ride. Wash it down and get the salts off. Salt eats at the cable stops and gets under the lacquer where is it damaged but it can’t really penetrate directly through lacquer or carbon itself.

The group set is likely to experience more moisture in winter then in summer but again, if you lube the chain correctly and clean the bike when you are done it should be fine! Wash it down while it is still wet and get some WD40 or GT85 or whatever brand you use onto the moving parts. You can spray some onto a clean cloth and wipe the frame down but don’t leave it wet. Use common sense!

So ride the bike that you love unless you like punishing yourself on a rubbish frame so you ride with wings in the warmer months….. fair enough but well maintained carbon bikes are fine in all weathers.

Thanks for your support and endorsement. It has been a fantastic year.

Merry Christmas and a good cycling New Year from us all at CBR!


Bespoke Cycling in London sent this
Cipollini in for repair. The seat post/tube had failed. We assume a
possible issue with manufacture as the rider is quite slight.

we do not have images of the modification but we rebuilt and increased
the strength of the post without affecting the profile or seat clamp

I have detailed up the last phase of the restore showing the
recreation of the missing graphic. The image is photographed before the
bike is repaired, vectorised and a spray mask is cut on a machine, for
the completion of the silver/grey re-spray of the graphic.