We recently came in for some criticism for a bike which was scratched when returned. We are not in the habit of passing blame. We will always rectify should there be any doubt who is responsible. However when all bikes come in they are shrink wrapped before being processed. When we post it back the seat height position and handlebar position is registered and we supply assembly instructions in the box along with some carbon paste in some cases.  We generally package the bike in 3 different layers: Layer 1 – Each tube is individually wrapped. Layer 2 – overall protective wrapping is applied. Layer 3 – Finally the box is filled with packing material and additional components are secured before sealing the box.

Make sure you sign for the box “DAMAGED” if you are unsure the bike was mishandled. Some couriers will simply not wait for you to check over the bike. If you don’t we can’t help if you have a claim.