If you are unsure what to do in the event of an incident, here are some options available to you.
 If it is a carbon bike:

1 – Do not ask your local bike shop to assess it unless they are approved carbon bike inspectors. They will not usually take a risk and could advise unnecessary replacement.

2 – If you make a claim, ask the insurer to notify CompleteBikeRecovery to collect, inspect and report on the bike.

3 – You are welcome to contact us directly should you choose not to claim. Just send us an email with in-focus images and a description of the issue.

4 – We inspect carbon and the groupset at the same time. This usually takes 2 days.

5 – The submitted report covers : 1 – The cost of repair (if we are able to warranty) + cosmetic restoration. 2 – A new-for-old complete bike replacement option. 3 – Salvage value.

6 – We are able to inspect alloy frames too.