A recent Argon 18 came in today that made me smile. ‘DO NOT CLAMP’ label set firmly on the top tube!

I can’t say it is the most common repair we do here but it is fairly common. It seems to me a commonsensical thing to do is to place a label on the offending part. Well done Argon.

Only problem is then where is safe to clamp? Thinking about it, maybe they ought to provide ’CLAMP HERE’ labels instead? That might be more helpful.
Where then?

– For clamp style bike stands – Seat post or nowhere else is my opinion.
– Why not look at the Team Race Stands teams use which lock on the dropout?

If you are not sure then flip the bike upside down and work on it there. With all the ‘clamp unfriendly’ aero frames about these days maybe manufacturers could assist, as they do with aircraft fuselages. –> ONLY HERE! <–