‘Hi, I am just sending a big thank you for the superb job you did on my Colnago M10s, despite viewing your work on the website I was not prepared for such a perfect match of tube profile. As the frame is matte black over gloss stripes my expectations were not high for a match, however if I didn’t know it had been destroyed it could have come straight from the factory.
While you were working your magic and as I don’t like to settle for anything less than 100%, I treated myself to a C60 and intended to use the M10s for winter training instead of my steel. However I now find that I have two best bikes and a winter trainer! As I am just getting back into the swing after my accident I have only done 3 rides on the M10s, 50,60 and 100 miles setting a few pr’s on climbs, it rides as good as new.’

I don’t normally put feedback on here as the work should speak for itself but this is typical of the surprise at what is possible with safe repair and restoration. You don’t always need to replace but of course get a quote from us and give the bike warranty departments a call so you have both options.