Head-on collision sent to me by WildSide Cycles. Typical break around the downtube and headtube intersection. This is a well laid-up area to ensure the front forks don’t twist the frame under stress. It’s a labor intensive repair with loads of different angles of weave over a few days. This one turned out well. Again lucky to save the decal 😉

Please to avoid confusion: I do not guarantee a spray service. It depends on the bike. I certainly am not qualified to provide matching colours yet but in many cases customers are happy to ride the bike looking like this.  


Serious crash into a concrete ditch damaged the downtube causing 3 major fractures. The front fork end on one side had surface damage. Both the downtube and the forks were repaired safely ready for the respray. Client didn’t mind loosing the decals as he decided to have the bike custom painted in Ferrari colours. Look out for the flying Ferrari!


Just to prove carbon MTB’s can also be successfully repaired;

Hello Rob,

I meant to send you a message to say thank you and well done for the excellent 
job you did on my bike. I rode out on it the next day and posted the attached 
photo on Twitter with the caption 'Is it wrong to love a bike this much?!'. 

I am so pleased with the repair and will continue to love and ride the bike 
safe in the knowledge that it can be repaired if I have another off!

I'm writing this from the Pyrenees where I am cycling all the TDF classics 
and hoping my fitness will improve for outings on BeOne Blue when I get home!

Thanks again,



Been meaning to upload this tricky little job on a Ceepo Venom seat post. Quite a bit needed doing. Seat post off-cut needed to be re-attached to extend seat hight. Metal seat post clamp bolt snapped off inside and pulled out of the frame compromising the strength of the entire support and clamp structure. The whole lot was re-bonded, re-threaded to the original M5 bolt and extended.


Looks simple enough to repair but not so it turns out. Seat tube is so thin I am amazed so many carbon frames entertain a braze-on and not collar. Yes I know – It allows for variations in tube profile, still not the strongest bit of the frame. I believe Trek have since included a 4th rivet version? Nice. I had to build a fatter cross section to handle future chain suck. Let’s see what Bob says next time he hits the hills in Wales!

(Oops! Just noticed 3rd image is from a Focus braze-on repair from the same week)

Carbon can be repaired safely

Not all damaged carbon bikes are beyond repair. Don’t discard them, regardless of what the bike shop tells you. You’ll be surprised..


Another unfortunate bike falls victim to the chain. Having repaired many such ‘injuries’ this one looks as though the repaired section is cleaner then the rest of the bike! I will spray black or white when it makes more sense then to simply coat with lacquer. This is not part of the repair quote.


Client was told this German made Pasculli frame was not safe and needed discarding! Not in the least. This is wasteful. The down tube was fractured on both top and bottom near the BB. Once a recess was created and carbon layups applied the frame is back to the happy customer who needed it for his charity ride across the UK.


As the Summer season rolls in the number of bikes coming through CBR is increasing. There are all types of crashes and breakages. So far all repairable! Many cyclist are saying how good it is having a Carbon Repair workshop servicing the South East. Bikes come in from as far as Bristol.

We are getting organized with a price list and label system for identification and Job ID. This will be available soon for download. Give me a ring or drop me an email if you have a query. Remember to send pics. It helps!


This hand built French bike, apparently one of it’s first runs, got reared by a Range Rover. Snapped off the right chain stay at the BB, cracked through the rear brake arch and later I discovered a crushed section of seat tube. Photos show repaired parts. This was a tricky repair due to the hard-to-reach brake arch and chain stay tolerance to the edge of the tyre. Very tight!
All repairs are flush to the profile. I am getting 50/50 deformation from both rear stays when compressed. Happy with this one. Lovely bike!