Another unfortunate bike falls victim to the chain. Having repaired many such ‘injuries’ this one looks as though the repaired section is cleaner then the rest of the bike! I will spray black or white when it makes more sense then to simply coat with lacquer. This is not part of the repair quote.


Client was told this German made Pasculli frame was not safe and needed discarding! Not in the least. This is wasteful. The down tube was fractured on both top and bottom near the BB. Once a recess was created and carbon layups applied the frame is back to the happy customer who needed it for his charity ride across the UK.


As the Summer season rolls in the number of bikes coming through CBR is increasing. There are all types of crashes and breakages. So far all repairable! Many cyclist are saying how good it is having a Carbon Repair workshop servicing the South East. Bikes come in from as far as Bristol.

We are getting organized with a price list and label system for identification and Job ID. This will be available soon for download. Give me a ring or drop me an email if you have a query. Remember to send pics. It helps!


This hand built French bike, apparently one of it’s first runs, got reared by a Range Rover. Snapped off the right chain stay at the BB, cracked through the rear brake arch and later I discovered a crushed section of seat tube. Photos show repaired parts. This was a tricky repair due to the hard-to-reach brake arch and chain stay tolerance to the edge of the tyre. Very tight!
All repairs are flush to the profile. I am getting 50/50 deformation from both rear stays when compressed. Happy with this one. Lovely bike!


An old Specialized was brought to me with an incorrectly bonded frame causing the rear wheel to rub. I wasn’t sure I could repair it but as it turned out the parts all came away eventually with no damage and I was able to re-set the frame as well as bond other areas to ensure integrity. Rather chuffed with this one as it was a challenge!


Hole-through caused by chain popping off the chain ring. Several layers later and it’s 100%. As the area was a black colour around the BB, I thought it best to coat it in black instead of my usual protective lacquer coat. All good! Very very light frame wow!


I see an awful lot of chain damage to carbon bikes. More then crashes. Make sure your derailleur’s are adjusted to stop a ‘little’ early. Sometimes a heavy gear selection (particularly on the front derailleur) can pop the chain off the chain ring causing damage. It’s a simple fix. At least I managed to save the lovely logo! I do try :-))


Not sure I should be saying this but unless this bike was a ‘Monday bike’ I am not sure I’d like to be ramping off mountains on this. There seemed to be an awful amount of filler in the chainstay end. I would have preferred to see carbon there!


This one baffled me. I don’t usually repair forks but I looked as if it was a manufacturing problem/ Monday bike. The client was heading to the Alps and wanted a solution as Trek do not sell front forks apparently? He was stuck as he bought the bike on Ebay. He left it against a wall outside and came back to find these cracks had appeared…

After I cleared away the cracked paint I noted the aluminum dropouts butted up against carbon. Obviously there is an overlap but when metal expands and contracts against carbon you get movement. Strange design in my opinion. We decided the best solution was to secure the join and brace the area with a carbon collar to ensure the area was structurally locked. He was concerned about the logos but with careful work I managed to carbon the area and keep it tidy too.


A side impact on the dropout and damaged seat stay. The dropout was pretty distorted but I managed to re-align for the hanger. Luckily. If that was cracked then it was a new frame.
Seat stay had damage from the chain on impact so a profiled layup secured that issue. I managed to save the logo too! Customer is chuffed he doesn’t have to spend £1300
Thanks to Dorking’s Head-for-the-hills for recommending me!

Customer email:
Just a note to say thanks for the work that you did recently, great recommendation from Dan.
Rode out last weekend and it was as if nothing had happened
Best wishes