Ask any paint shop to restore a chrome finish to seamless result and they might say ‘Sorry we have to respray the entire bike’ but nooooo not here.

Carbon Bike Repair resprayers have pride in there work coupled with 2 years of training to qualify just to attempt a supervised restoration! It is no wonder your bike looks as complete and unaffected as it was before it came to us. A Google review search will tell you how well we have done so far. We have no intention of getting complacent either!


‘Please can you replicate the Peter Sagan Specialized range for our customer?’ – 2 weeks later……

There was a rumour going around that we have stopped custom respays all together. NO WE HAVE NOT!

As with all busy seasons we have deferred work in the past but we are taking on more custom projects then ever before. THERE ARE NO LIMITS TO WHAT WE CAN DO.


We recently received this bike with a top fracture. It did not take long to discover that a previous repair had taken place.

We recognise the repairer’s work in this case. What’s the fuss? Remember how I always bang on about symmetry and repairs which meet the specifications of the surrounding material, well when we find that the repair is thicker then the surrounding material this occurs.

Why? Because the frame is designed to specifically respond to the flexing and movements subjected to it. When you stop this from happening then this occurs. You notice the original carbon has cracked on the edge of the repair.


Manufacturers often send new frames to us for restoration due to transport and handling damage. It is not economically viable to send it back to the factory. Instead they send them to us.

In this case Orro bikes sent a bike where the matt finish on this frame was damaged, possibly when pulled out of the box. We restored the matt to its original state. We do not attempt to ‘improve’ the original finish of the masking but bring it back to factory finish.



We often get asked what the difference is. The picture tells all!

Metallic paint contains an additive of metallic flakes in the paint. This produces the coloured shimmer we all see on metallic painted cars.

Candy is totally different. The effect is a more ‘3D’ see-through look. It is a more vibrant colour which changes at different angles. The process of application is more complex too. The under coat is usually a shiny metallic silver of gold colour. The topcoat of this a tranlucent colour, in this example red, which is applied over the top allowing the base colour to ‘pop’ through.

When you ask for metallic or candy finish please provide your sprayer with a sample of what you want. Pictures are hard to analyse. The outcome can be very different!


It’s that time again, rushing about trying to finish off the year as Christmas rapidly approaches. It’s been a record breaker for us so thank you to all who came to us looking for a solution whether you are a private customer or a trade partner. We look forward to another big year in carbon repair and restoration.

Merry Christmas to all!


During the course of a typical inspection the frame will undergo a stress test to reveal any hidden defects. In some cases where internal delamination occurs, where it is not obvious, the stress testing should reveal the problem. A full report is delivered which will indicate any issues and advisories for the client to process.


Challenges continue as bike design become more and more complex. Post repair graphics on this bike, for example, are created as high print quality waterslide images. Regardless we able to continue to grow with developments.



For those cycle enthusiasts who follow Global Cycling Network are in for a surprise. GCN take you on a rare visit into the workings of our facility as we share useful advice on carbon repair and restoration hosted by Oliver Bridgewood. Look out for the video 2 weeks on Sunday featured on GCN Tech.


Now open! Please pop over to for a browse through our online store of 2nd hand used components. We literally carry every brand. Some components are in new condition others are marked and some are sold for spare parts. We stock hard-to-find parts from expensive wheels to 1 shifter on sale out of a set of eTaps. All carbon frames are inspected or repaired with warranties so you have peace of mind when buying from CycleRecycle.

If you are looking for something which is not online please send an email to and we can look for you. Happy shopping!