Some people ask about the level of detail we put back into our restoration and custom resprays here at CBR. In this case we are spraying an F8 Pinarello in a special candy blue effect. The top tube detail is replaced using an in-house template which allows us to spray in fine detail such as this. The next phase of the respray is to apply the gloss finish and polish so there are no edges to the surface. Ahhh the detail..


Take your favourite bike, bring it in for a top tube fracture repair – come away with an inspiring personalised bike that is an extension of you.
Our client liked to introduce a hummingbird concept to her bike. After some ‘mood boarding’ we sprayed the wonderful bird colours as an effect juxtaposed with a flat gold ‘tattoo’ graphic of the bird near the head tube.
The challenge to avoid a potentially embarrassing concept has been met with great joy. The net result is not wanting to ride the bike for fear of scratching it. Summer here she comes!