Ask any paint shop to restore a chrome finish to seamless result and they might say ‘Sorry we have to respray the entire bike’ but nooooo not here.

Carbon Bike Repair resprayers have pride in there work coupled with 2 years of training to qualify just to attempt a supervised restoration! It is no wonder your bike looks as complete and unaffected as it was before it came to us. A Google review search will tell you how well we have done so far. We have no intention of getting complacent either!


Good quality restoration of bicycles requires experience, brand knowledge and attention to detail. There are no short cuts. Don’t confuse custom bikes resprays with restoration. With restoration you are up against what is on the bike already so there is nowhere to hide.

Each manufacturer utilises different paints and processes to finish a bike. The restorer needs to be familiar with these processes. For example – Different light conditions highlight differences and UV exposure can alter the substrates or lacquers often within weeks of the restore.

We started restoring bikes as part of the carbon repair service about 4 years ago. We now have a data base of over 50 bike brands and multiple models within these brands dating back to the 1980’s.

To achieve this requires substantial investment and support from our manufacturer partners. As a result CarbonBikeRepair is moving again in 2016 to our new facility in Salfords in Surrey which will accommodate the increased volumes and shorten lead times further.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year for 2016!