carbon repair training


The opening date for Carbon Bike Repair South Africa is set for 1st of September 2017. Their advanced training course is now coming to a successful conclusion before we fly them back home. However..there is one final test.  Even though they are now qualified in advanced carbon repair and restoration to Level 3, the new team are put to the ultimate test. Their task is to repair and paint restore this Trek Madone which was in 5 separate pieces. Once structural tests are successful and the graphics restored, the repairer will ride it in the next local 100km race.

So if you are ever considering getting your bike repaired in any branch of CBR, be assured that only those ‘living’ persons at Carbon Bike Repair will touch your bike.



Here is another example of adapting to the Colnago ‘metodo’ of spraying. Most of the graphics are masked and stencilled which makes each bike unique. To get the restore spot on you need to restore a lot of them. There is no short cut. Colnago are amongst the hardest to restore.

This one was an over-clamp which crushed the top tube. This section was re-laid in specific carbon and profiled. The ‘C59′ and ‘dice’ were sympathetically replaced and the white colour matched 100% to the UV exposed surface. As you can see this repair is invisible. Just the way we like it!