Very. The quality and safety of a composite repair is reflected in the standard of the facilty and the engineers. Safe and complient carbon repairs require resources and training. It takes 2 years for a repairer at CBR to achieve 2 of the 3 qualification levels available at Carbon Bike Repair. The repair ‘theater’ is sealed and depressurised to prevent contamination during the repair cycle. The repair process passes through 3 QC stages before it is released to the restoration departement.  Carbon bikes can be repaired safely if there is a standard by which to measure repairs.



I write many blogs about the repair process but you should also be aware of the level at which CBR goes to ‘finish/ restore’ your bike to its original state if requested. We are in demand because we treat both the repair and restoration with the same importance. Up to 70% of our customers request their bikes to be restored after the repair is complete. Our comprehensive service centre rebuilds bikes when compete. Many customers request a full service, parts upgrade or an electronic conversion. The montage shows the spray and service sections of the UK CBR facility.

Happy riding on repair tested and finished bikes this winter.