Very. The quality and safety of a composite repair is reflected in the standard of the facilty and the engineers. Safe and complient carbon repairs require resources and training. It takes 2 years for a repairer at CBR to achieve 2 of the 3 qualification levels available at Carbon Bike Repair. The repair ‘theater’ is sealed and depressurised to prevent contamination during the repair cycle. The repair process passes through 3 QC stages before it is released to the restoration departement.  Carbon bikes can be repaired safely if there is a standard by which to measure repairs.



Here is a typical example of a repair produced by someone else in the carbon repair industry. This frame was brought to us to repair the head tube section. The poor repair in pic 1 is unsympathetic to the structure of the frame. It must conform to the design parameter . The CBR repair is correct. Before restoring the paint, the repair is QC’d to ensure it is safe to apply a lifetime warranty to. Do your research and read reviews on your chosen repairer before you find yourself unconvinced that your bike is safe to ride.